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"Old Knight Robot"
(He really does need a better name, Sir-something or other)

This ol' aging robot was designed so I could participate in the Character Design Challenge

The theme the month I created this robot was Knights Tournament.

face thumbs sm.jpg
character thumbs sm.jpg
robot full sketch with tonz o notes sm.jpg
final inked drawing sm.jpg

Previously, I had only inked traditionally with a brush and a bottle of india ink... This was the first time I inked in Photoshop...and I'm diggin' it!

flag and face sample sm.jpg

       Again, I'm in Photoshop, the only program I use for my digital work, I need no other at this point...
       The layer method I started with at the beginning of this painting was very complicated. And at that time, I thought it was brilliant and necessary...
       I was wrong. (smirk) Returning to this piece my first reaction was, "how the heck can anyone work like this?  What in blue blazes was I thinking?"
       Clearly, I am working differently after this painting and I am trudging through the rest of this beast...but "good god, Jenn."

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