What makes you...you?


Come along on an inner exploration as Alexander Jenny gleefully ponders one of life's great questions.  You'll meet a Creature of Habits, tussle with Brain-Sucking Monsters and search your head for just the right tool to fix an Untied Shoelace.  Whether you're a Genius of Feelings or that Myst'rious Iceburg you keep hidden within, there's a wondrously wacky-wise poem lurking inside these pages just for you.

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Learn along with Plato in all of his adventures!
Each book aligns with national educational standards to teach a variety of objectives to early readers.

*  Plato Goes to School - Behavior
*  Plato Turns Five - Number Five:  Addition and Subtraction
*  Plato's Big Game - Number Ten:  Addition and Subtraction
*  Plato Expresses His Feelings - Social and Emotional Development
*  Plato Goes on Safari - Science:  Animal Habitats
*  Plato's New Watch - Telling Time

lake monster cover.jpg

Among the many campfire stories Calumat's "Director Emeritus", Don "D. Guy"  Johnson told over the years was the "The Ossipee Lake Monster."

Imagine, as you read this story, a beloved camp director with 350 kids and staff members, all attending a big bonfire in the middle of it all.

Imagine the waves...imagine the full moon...imagine wide-eyed Calumet campers.