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lion and bird final.jpg

The Lion and the Blue Bird

lobster+small+email sm.jpg

The Blue Lobster

art trek sm.jpg

Art Trek


Sigerson the Salamander

bouncer bot (1) sm rgb.jpg

The Bouncer-Bot 3.0

blue beard small file.jpg

Blue Beard

hugging robots.jpg

The Hugging Robots

voice guy sm.jpg

The Voice

meditating tree sm.jpg

The Meditating Tree

2 title page raven sm.jpg

Professor Whimpleschteen's Lab

the doodlebug sm.jpg

The Doodle Bug

tree spirit raven sm.jpg

The Spirit Tree

dragon copy SM.jpg

A Very Smug Dragon

baby bot.jpg


ciggie original sm.jpg

The Disgruntled Ciggie

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