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The Story of Zot
(yeah, I don't actually have a good title for this book yet...)

So, Zot. Yeah...this started out as a wordless picture book, then I thought of it as being a graphic novel...but it clearly was still a picture book. It is paneled, which is why I thought it was going to be a graphic novel...but alas, I was designing it to be 32 pages. Clearly, it was still a picture book. Then I learned that such books are called graphic picture books. Perfect! And now that is what Zot shall become, a graphic picture book...unless...

just kidding, it's a graphic picture book...

finishing zot sig.jpg
newest best zot redesign sig.jpg
jazz 1st and 2nd version flat small email sm.jpg
professor new zot spot .jpg
hands2 sig.jpg
painting sig.jpg
maintanence robot sig.jpg
robotz sig.jpg
manager bot sig.jpg
pneumatic tube sig.jpg
ink mix sig.jpg
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