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       I am dedicated to spreading joy, optimism, humor, and hope through my work. My passion lies in creating intriguing characters within fantastic environments, capturing frozen moments that hint at mesmerizing stories. I strive to offer children of all ages, especially the little ones, a safe, joyful, and whimsically magical space where their imagination can flourish.

       The true thrill of my art comes from crafting pieces that delight and captivate others, inviting them into a world of wonder where they can spend a little time.

       My ultimate aspiration is to write and illustrate my own stories, sharing them through beautifully crafted children's books. To make this dream a reality, I'm actively seeking a literary agent who shares a similar vision of inspiring young minds with delightful tales.

Published Work:

"You Are What You...." by Alexander Jenny

"Plato Goes to School" by Sarah Stevenson

"Plato Turns Five" by Sarah Stevenson

"Plato's Big Game" by Sarah Stevenson

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Feel free to contact me!

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